Club House

The Most of the relaxing life at any time. Modern club house with modern style with full facilities. Large swimming pool for good health every day.


offers you daily workout with large luxury clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pool, fitness equipment. Modern, fully equipped to you with all parts of the body according to your style.

Security system

Peace of mind with maximum safety "Triple Security".

  • Security guards and CCTV throughout the project.
  • Pass the main entrance with Bluetooth
  • Safety in the house as motion sensor detects movement of living things with the most accurate technology, macnetic sensor detects tampering, doors, windows, CCTV home can connect smart phone (for home only)

The Garden

for you to relax. In the middle of nature, special designed distribute throughout the project. So you can relax every day.


Public car parking is available for 50 cars.